A journey in nature nourishes the soul…

Nature is a great healer and teacher, and the more time we spend in it the greater the benefits for all.

After a decade of the corporate grind I decided to hike the length of New Zealand, a 3000km journey that completely altered the way I thought and fundamentally changed the course of my life. In the quiet days of hiking in the wilderness, far from the distractions of modern living, I found clarity, courage and the real me. I also discovered how much bliss can be found living simply with one bag of belongings on your back.

That hike is over but the journey continues as I seek further adventures in the wild and a bit more of nature’s wisdom. If this resonates with you share the journey with me.

Meet Laura

Laura WatersI am Laura Waters, freelance travel writer, speaker, upcoming author, long distance hiker and nature nomad. I am a member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers and have written for numerous publications including Jetstar magazine, Voyeur (Virgin), RAC, Australian Traveller, Geographical UK, Outdoor, Wild, Great Walks, Action Diver, Your Life Choices and Active Retirees (see Portfolio here). My writing tends to focus on experiential travel and the great outdoors.

Adventures: I have hiked 3000km along the entire length of New Zealand, walked 1,000km on the Bibbulmum Track in Western Australia, mountain biked coast to coast across England, sailed 700km up the Queensland coast, scuba dived all around the Pacific and travelled to around 45 countries.

Motivation: Inspiring others to re-connect with nature, leading to care about the preservation of our planet, is a key motivation for me. In 2009 I trained with former US Vice President Al Gore to become a Climate Presenter, giving presentations to hundreds of people on climate change.   I’m also a huge advocate for the benefits of living simply, overcoming fears and following dreams!

A book about my life-changing hike in New Zealand is due for release in September 2019 (Affirm Press).

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  1. Marian campbell

    Hi laura
    I’m intending to walk the TA in 2019 so early planning. Can I have a copy of your book when you go to print please. Love your writing and great Web site.
    Have to get life out of the way first. I’m 64 and have no fears about age so hope my confidence in my strength comes to fruition.
    Yours in trekking

    1. Thanks Marian! I’ll let you know when its out. Cheers. (I’m getting a sign up button added to my website but until then, you’re noted! 🙂 )
      Happy trekking! Laura

  2. John G.

    Just me watching you, still have many happy memories of cycling together. Such a long, long time ago.

  3. Marcelle Krieg

    Hi Laura
    Sounds like an awesome journey and a beautiful way to grow as a person. Love that you’re using an Aarn pack as I have 2 myself. I’d love to do some NZ walking and was wondering what a good starting point would be. I’m off to do 2 weeks of the Bibb track in WA tmrw as the wilds are calling.

    1. Thanks Marcelle. Yes, I LOVE Aarn packs! And I want to do the Bibb too, I hope you enjoy yourself over there. Gosh, where to start re hiking in NZ… there are so many amazing options. I guess it depends on how hard you want it to be and how long you want to hike for. Perhaps have a look at the photo albums on my Facebook page – they will give you a few ideas. I really enjoyed the Hump Ridge track in FJordland (3 days) recently, or the Travers Sabine circuit in the North of the South Island is a spectacular 5-6 day trip. So many choices…
      Enjoy the Bibb!

      1. Marcelle

        Hi Laura
        Thanks for the tips. I could do any length up to 10 days on my own. I haven’t done much solo Hiking but I’m really bursting to do lots ( er except The Camino) . Tmrw I fly out to the Bibb. I’m so excited!

  4. Hi Laura,
    Found my way here via Wild issue 153, very inspiring, well done. Was not aware the Great South West Walk even existed. Look forward to hearing about your next adventure!

    1. Thanks Dan! Yes, I hadn’t heard much about the GSWW either before I did it. It deserves greater recognition but nice to enjoy it while the numbers are low now 🙂 The blog is a bit slow at the moment since I’m concentrating on finishing this book I’m working on but you can see what mini adventures I’m on via Soul Trekkers on Facebook. Cheers and hope you’re enjoying your own adventures! Laura

  5. Sam

    I’ve just read your article in Wild Issue 153 and your comments resonated strongly with me. I was recently looking through my NZ tramping guide, doing some dreaming and reminding myself of the amazing walking over there that’s relatively accessible for us Aussies. This lead me to searching the net for longer walks and I discovered the Te Araroa trail. I’d love to do it some day…… Great article Laura. I’ll be keeping an eye on your website.

    1. Hey thanks very much Sam. Glad you enjoyed it. I get so much sustenance from hiking. I hope you enjoy whatever trails you end up planning and doing. My blog updates are a bit sporadic at the moment as I’m working on finishing a book about Te Araroa but if you follow Soul Trekkers on Facebook you’ll get more regular updates and maybe a few more hiking ideas! Cheers. Laura

  6. Just got started with my hiking blog ( well I write but hubby dictates!!) and we would appreciate the list as well, email below.

    1. Hi Shelagh, its all on the Gear page of my website now. Cheers

  7. Lorrie

    Would be very interested in your list as well, please email

  8. Gayle

    I would be very interested in your packing list also. I am just getting into solo long walks and am trying to further lighten my load . I am planning the Great Ocean Walk but like the Portland one too. Thankyou for your detailed report . Snakes are my biggest fear and your comments about your encounters have alleviated that one☺

  9. Jennifer

    I am currently training for a 500klm walk through Ireland in June/July 2016, my younger sister has decided to join me. I have also promised to raise $5000 for Cancer QLD and nearly there. I have started to train seriously and people keep asking me if I am training with a friend. They get a little disturbed when I say I prefer to walk on my own – gives me time to think and solitude early in the morning is the best start to the day.

    1. Hi Jennifer, its nice to walk with company but there are certainly benefits to walking on your own too. I think its like a meditation. i wish you all the best with your mission and will send that gear list off to you as requested. Cheers, Laura

  10. Hi Laura

    Just discovered your fantastic blog and article in great walks. I would love to chat with you about your adventures and gear in particular. We are a new outdoor gear store specialising in lightweight equipment. Please check our website http://www.50days.com.au . Look forward to hearing from you. Bill

  11. Can you give me a list of exactly what went into your pack so that the total was 12kgs. I like the sound of that and could use your experience.

    1. Sure thing. I’ll email it to you. There are people who do it lighter but I get cold easily so I didn’t scrimp on layers!

      1. I like the sound of 12kgs too, love to get the list…

        1. Hi Mary-Ann. I’ve just emailed it to you. I’ll be uploading this on the website soon too.

    2. Jennifer

      I would also like a list of this list if possible

  12. Kerry Bannah

    It was so good to meet you Laura. Really enjoyed reading your journey. Courageous & Inspirational. Enjoy your next adventure. Will look forward to reading your posts.
    Safe travels
    Kerry (Pete’s sister)

    1. Hey thanks Kerry! Great to meet you too. We’ll certainly keep you posted on the adventures to follow! 🙂

  13. Huw Williams

    Hi Laura
    Really good to meet you in Wanaka. I’m now in FJ. Probably walk up to the glacier tomorrow if the weather is good.
    Best wishes
    Huw Williams

  14. Hi! I am planning to run Te Araora a couple of years from now. Is it possible for me to ask things about TA trough email.
    My email is: micke@startblock.se
    If it is OK for you please send me a email.
    I wish you a Happy New Year.
    Best Regards
    /Mikael Christenson

    1. Hi Mikael, I hope those answers on email helped a bit. Good luck with your preparations. I’m sure you’ll love it!

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