Laura Waters

Laura Waters

Travel Writer /  Hiker 

I am a freelance writer with a focus on outdoor/hiking/nature, a regular contributor to several hiking magazines, a public speaker and a sometimes consultant drawing on a broad understanding of business and tourism.


To be fair, I did try to have a ‘sensible’ life.

I did own an apartment at one point.  I had a car and lots of other ‘stuff’.  I was always gainfully employed – 12 years in the travel industry, and 10 years in the corporate world as an Executive Assistant in the leisure & tourism industry.

My work has provided plenty of opportunities for discovery over the years, and I’ve managed to rack up visits to over 40 countries.  Scattered within and around work has been an array of minor adventures: mountain biking coast to coast across England, scuba diving all around the Pacific, extended kayak trips, and plenty of hiking.

My journey hiking the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand was a game changer though. Over the five months it took me to complete my walk, I felt a connection to our earth that I’d never experienced before and it made me blissfully happy.  Now there is no chance of going back to a ‘normal’ life!

Realising I can no longer pretend to enjoy city/corporate living for the next 20 years of my working life, I have given up a ‘good job’ to follow my passions….writing and exploring.  I will further investigate the healing effect of nature, and hopefully share my learnings to encourage others to enjoy a more simple life connected to nature, that gives more meaning that any amount of ‘stuff’ could ever do.


I have always had a love of nature and consequently an interest in caring for our environment.  In 2009 I trained with former US Vice President Al Gore to become a Climate Presenter, and have given presentations to hundreds of people to explain climate change and what can be done to help.

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  1. Hi! I am planning to run Te Araora a couple of years from now. Is it possible for me to ask things about TA trough email.
    My email is: micke@startblock.se
    If it is OK for you please send me a email.
    I wish you a Happy New Year.
    Best Regards
    /Mikael Christenson

  2. Hi Laura

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