Te Araroa Trail, New Zealand

New Zealand   (3068km)


The Te Araroa Trail is a 3068km journey from one end of New Zealand to the other.  The trail takes in an incredible variety of terrain including long remote beaches, dense forests, vast volcanic desert and high alpine passes.  It combines a collection of established trails with new linking tracks and a sprinkling of road sections to provide a stunning trail that not only satisfies a hiker’s urge to tramp in real wilderness but also provides plenty of opportunity to meet the locals along the way, enabling an insight into Kiwi life that greatly enriches the journey.

Visit the Te Araroa website for more details.

My Journey on the TAT

In November 2013 I set off on a life changing journey to hike the TA. For 152 days I tramped southwards, walking, sliding in mud, getting seared by the sun, and caught in snowstorms.

After losing my hiking buddy to an injury on the second day of the journey, the walk also became a journey of self discovery and development as I faced many fears, learnt new skills and ultimately learned to listen to my instinct and feel comfortable alone in the wilderness.

Read more about it on my blog.


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